Many, many thanks to the supporters of the Great Glasses Play Day!

Thanks as well to all the organizations and companies who supported the 2012 Great Glasses Play Day!  Our supporters included eye care professionals, optical shops, others from the optical industry, and companies that support children’s visual health.   If you’re interested in supporting us in 2013,  please send an email to

Children’s Vision Organizations:

And many thanks to Anthologie, Inc for their design and graphics help!



Supporters listed above share an interest in children’s visual health.  Being listed above does not indicate an endorsement of products or services.


2 thoughts on “Supporters

  1. HI
    I’m Cindy from Kid’s Optique in Wisconsin. I’m working with Kristin to hold events at 3 locations in the Milwaukee area. I have some Marketing ideas I’m going to share with Kristin when we meet.
    This is a great idea!!!!!!
    Also, can I get on your list?


    Cindy Tomasik Seemann
    Kid’s Optique
    7182 S. 76th St.
    Franklin, WI 53132

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