Files for organizers

Here are some files that you are welcome to use in promoting your local event.  Click on the image to get the file. Please let us know if there’s anything else you need (

Interested in hosting a local event? Let us know!

  • GGPD logo 2013 new colors - croppedOfficial 2013 Great Glasses Play Day logo. Click for a larger version, and save the image to your computer for use.
  • GGPDflyer_VisionMonday_v5Generic 2013 Great Glasses Play Day flyer. Click on the image to download the pdf. This flyer promotes the Great Glasses Play Day and directs people to our website for more details. Feel free to distribute where ever you’d like!
  • invited plus descrGreat Glasses Play Day invite and description.  This works well on blogs and Pinterest.
  • Coloring Pages! 12 great coloring pages featuring Great Glasses Play Day images, pictures from “Princesses Wear Glasses,” and Little Four Eyes.  Click to download the pdf.

Let us know your thoughts

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