Host a party!

Want to celebrate, but can’t make it to a local meet-up?  Why not host a Great Glasses Play Day party for your child and a few of their friends?  (click to download a pdf of the invitations that you can print and use)

Read on for ideas for games, crafts, and other activities!

Great Glasses Play Day Treasure Hunt

  1. Use our template to print out clue cards.  These work best printed 2-sided.
  2. On each card, draw a picture (or for older kids, write a clue) telling kids where to find the next clue card.
  3. At the end of the hunt, have a surprise for your child.

Craft Corner – Glasses Cases, Pipe Cleaner Glasses, and Cereal Box Picture Frames

Check out our instructions for easy to create glasses cases, pipe cleaner glasses, and picture frames, using easy to find, and inexpensive materials.

Cootie Catchers

Print out these “cootie catchers” and fold them up for all the kids to play with!

Coloring Pages

Print out our coloring pages add crayons, and go to it!  We have 12 pages in a variety of styles and levels of detail for your children to color!  We’d love to see the finished pages, too!


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