Wobbly Wednesday – Your stories: congenital nystagmus

For Little Eyes

WobblyWedIn honor of Wobbly Wednesday, I am very pleased that Laura has offered to share her and her son Samuel’s story of congenital nystagmus.  – Ann

Samuel babyFrom Samuel’s very first check up at the doctors at 8 weeks I knew something wasn’t right. Even though he said everything was fine I couldn’t settle. I asked for a second opinion and was referred to the local screening clinic. It took around 6 months from then to finally get a diagnosis.

Samuel never tracked objects, he never acknowledged you when I entered the room, never made eye contact while feeding and those precious first smiles took a long long time to come. He still couldn’t sit up very well at 12 months and has only just started to properly crawl at around 20 months. We cannot wait for him to start walking. But when he does it will be such a special and…

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